How Smartphone is Changing the Hospitality Industry

Did you know that over 80% of job seekers believe that smartphones are essential for job hunting? Findings from a leading SMS platform, Textlocal, stated  that there will be a 55% increase in recruitment communications opt-ins by 2020. What’s more is that the same study revealed that 45% of job seekers actively search for new roles on their smartphones on a daily basis, and as many as 59% bookmark jobs on their smartphone. This means that a mobile strategy must be on the top of the list of employers and recruiters. 

Data has proven that candidates who are actively seeking jobs are on their smartphones, so the question is how does the hospitality industry tap into all this potential? 

In this blog, let’s explore that. 

Make the use of mobile apps 

If you have to buy a bar of premium chocolate, would you find it easier to go to a chocolatier, or would you go to a general grocery store and waste a bunch of time looking for what you want without any luck? Searching for employees to recruit on generic online portals is pretty much the same. These portals are so crowded that most of the time you’re just shooting in the dark. If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd and want to find passionate, verified candidates who are actively seeking jobs in the hospitality industry, then get on apps like InstaHire and get connected with thousands of verified employees who are on the hunt for employers just like you! 

Get social savvy 

According to a recent study by The Open University Business, 79% of job seekers are likely to use social media to find a role that suits them best. Many of the candidates you are trying to attract are millennials. It’s no secret that millennials spend a lot of time on their smartphones, especially on social media apps. Use this to your advantage, maintain active social media profiles because job seekers in hospitality will follow a bunch of hotels/restaurants to be up to date, so you are already in their eye line. 

Showcase your company culture 

It is important for restaurants and hotels to come across as an establishment with excellent company culture because millennials tend to prefer purpose over paychecks. Attract them by empowering your current employees, sharing their achievements on social media and encouraging them to do the same – this is sure to attract the potential candidates. 

Offer rewarding experiences 

What’s great about a smartphone is the sheer diversity of content, distributed across a multitude of different formats waiting to be consumed. One can access blogs, videos, and even VR experiences which you can use to showcase company CSR activities, achievements, case studies, awards, and anything else. Present your establishment in such a way that the candidate is immediately drawn to the ‘contact us’ or ‘careers’ section of your website. 

Engage millennials with stories 

Did you know that Instagram stories receive 35% more views for brands compared to Snapchat? Utilize such interactive platforms to show more than a plain text job description would ever be able to. Use functions like polls, questions, and filters to engage your potential candidates. Remember that the best and most qualified talent will only be attracted to companies that exude the same confidence, promise, and success. Yes, there is competition for job seekers, but remember that the best talent will rarely apply to one company. They will apply to multiple companies and take the offer that suits them best and you must do your best to stand out as well.

So there you have it, the nature of hospitality in itself demands creativity in the way you communicate. There is so much that you may want to express to your potential candidates such as your values, mission statement, perks, and growth plan. Smartphones give you access to all of this and more so that the journey from ‘interested’ to ‘hired’ is smooth sailing and even exciting.

Get on a platform which connects you with verified job-seekers who are actively using it for on-the-go job searches.