Type of perks an employer can give to his restaurant staff

Perks, the non- cash benefits, given to their staff is a long term investment  done by the employers. Perks are given to retain employers and work productively in the long term. Employers often look for perks that are inexpensive and worth it, also it is quite challenging for the employers to choose competitive perks to their staff. So today, we will explore the type of perks that can be given to the restaurant  staff

 Paid time off

Everyone deserves a break! Even for the restaurant staff, It is justified that the employees have to work for long hours and get tired. Majority of the restaurant employees leave their native place and come to work in a big city. Due to this transfer, many employees will feel lonely and less support system thereby causes reduction in productivity. Paid leave policy helps these employees to take rest and meet their families. Of course, providing a paid leave policy is challenging due to working mode of your business. A small favour to the employees will go in a long way in increasing the productivity of the employers

 Free Meals and Meal Discounts

We have to admit the fact that restaurant staff desire having free food and they cant afford to cook food in their residency. Food is a basic source of life and if you can provide the benefit of Free meals or discounts to your staff, it would help them in saving their expenditure on food. This perk can be compensated with long working hours, graveyard shifts etc

 Free accomodation

In India, the restaurant staff are being paid less than the other countries and have to work for long duration. Due to this, the staff spend less hours in their house and is unworthy to pay exorbitant rent. Majority of the expenditure goes in by paying rent. By providing free accommodation will help in reducing the burden of paying house rent and can save the rent amount.

 Provident fund

Getting a meagre salary will find it difficult for the staff to save for retirement. It is of no use when the staff gets salary that goes down in paying their monthly expenses.Launching a provident fund will create a habit for the staff to save a percentage of their salary into their PF account. Also, it becomes easier for the staff to save some amount when given the above mentioned perks


Incentives are one of the cool ways to perk your employees. Provide incentives(cash or non- cash) to the employees who work efficiently, cook delicious food and serve customers like king. This will help employers in retaining staff for a longer time. Also, giving incentives for their performance will help employers increase their customer satisfaction and thereby increase foot falls to their restaurants .

Transport allowance

If paid accommodation is provided according to the policy, then this cheap alternative perk will do some good to the employees. Stuck in Traffic  or standing in a crowded bus will disappoint the employees and get the feeling of changing their job. Reimbursing the commute costs will make the staff stay in your restaurant.

Employee development program

It is not good for the employees in a restaurant to do the same job and live on the same salary.. Providing employment growth program will help the employees to bring out the talent from within. Starting a development program will help employers in knowing the employees’ strengths and weaknesses and areas to grow. Providing this perk will help them think a big picture and succeed in the job.