Tips to save your Restaurant Business during Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has taken over the world now. At times like this, social distancing has to be practiced to reduce the spread of the virus. Lock downs have forced people around the world to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus. This has affected many businesses and especially the restaurants. Here are some of the tips to keep your restaurant going at tough times like this.

  1. Maintain high hygiene and educate your employees– This pandemic has shown us that we have to maintain hygiene to keep the diseases at bay.  So any kind of business needs to follow local public health recommendations and maintain high hygiene in the restaurant. Educate your employees to keep all raw materials, cutlery, crockery, furniture etc. sanitized.
  2. Online Promotion of Restaurant – Increase the Advertisements, SMS’s and other social media promotions on how your restaurant maintains high hygiene and follows recommended health protocols at times like this. This will help build Customers’ trust your restaurant, if they decide to order food from you.
  3. Keep track of your Employee’s health – check frequently if the employee’s are in good health. Encourage employees to stay back at home if they are not in good health. Is it legal for employers to take workers’ temperatures? If the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or a state or local health authority proclaims a pandemic has spread in an area, then yes, it is; Allow them to take leave of absence if any of their family members’ have been affected. Policies should stay the same just like any other illness, and sick-leave or short-term disability insurance would be applicable.
  4. Increase delivery / take-out service – Instead of in-house dining, the delivery/ take-out services have to be increased as most of the people are at home or working from home due to lock down. Offer discounts on take-out services. Packaging and delivery should be done very hygienically. Encourage contact-less delivery.
  5. Stock up groceries and disinfectants – There may be shortage of groceries and disinfectants at times of pandemic like these, due to closure of all industries. Prepare in advance and stock up the necessary materials and items to run your restaurant
  6. Emergency Hire through telephone – At times like these, the chances of employees leaving the restaurant due to their health or other reasons are more. In case of  any hiring requirements, post your job on online platforms like InstaHire and hire employees through telephone.

Like any other business, even the restaurant business has its highs and lows. This is just a low phase which everyone is going through. Never lose hope. Things can change. Good things will come soon!